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Sometimes I wonder

Did I sign some paper that basic politeness isn't something I expect when I became a student?
I don't expect very much.
I've given up hope of getting as much as a nod when I greet a prof in a deserted corridor. I'm not surprised when Prof. Salo (who likes to rant about the youth today and how they have no respect and discipline) arrives to an exam (oral, which means your grade doesn't only depend on what you know, but also what the Prof thinks of you and in which mood he is on the day - so you *really* don't want to annoy him) nearly half an hour late and not even bothers to say he's sorry.
Prof S. has one hour of office time in the week - and is never present at this time? Why would anybody expect him to be?
A mail sent to Profs is never mentioned again? Even for a 'He's to busy at the moment to deal with this.' you have to ask the secretary at least twice? Nothing new.
But if you send a mail claiming in 20 pt letters to be URGENT! and ask us to meet you at your office, could you at least pick a time you'll also be there? And not absent because of a committee meeting that was set for this date months ago?

I need to get these ridiculous ideas of how people are supposed to behave out of my head.
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