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Urgh (Actually a pretty accurate description of my mood at the moment)

It just hit me that the last three years on this day I was sitting in my car, Leipzig far behind me.
This year I'll have to stay for the exams.

(Somehow being called Staatsexamen makes them seem even more horrible)
What's worse, I've finally faced the fact that my normal lax attitude won't do me any good this time - so I'll have to set the control-freak part of my personality free. I see study-tables, plans and a clock ruling my days.
But it seems the only way to get my lazy self to actually study is to doubt it's self-control.
No, I'm not really schizophrenic - at least not that anyone ever noticed.

Todays list includes cleaning the flat and making an overview of all subjects. As I won't go to bed until it's done, I'd better start.
But first I'll finish Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - I get the feeling bed'll be *really* late today
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