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Mt. Everest or to be more exact 8848 Everest is pretty impressive.
The fact that it sent me into a ranting fit about people who manage to print a million flyers without being able to use a genitive correctly (and afterwards about people who want to change punctuation and grammar by law and mess up any logic) probably wasn't - and I can just feel that my punishment will consist of realizing some more glaring errors just seconds after hitting Post comment.
But it's German, there simply is no apostrophe in the genitive. No one will convince me otherwise.
Standing inside a 30m high 360° panorama picture of Mt.Everest does make you feel small.

And now it's time to kick myself again. Papova, parvo, circo, hepadna, retro, reo, birno, paramyxo,...
Wouldn't learning through osmosis be fun?
Rhabdo, filo, borna, orthomyxo, bunya, arena, corona,arteri, picorna, calici, astro, toga, flavi.
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