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Time for a little tantrum

I absolutely detest oral exams.
Part of it is that I'm simply not very good at presenting myself - if I don't know the answer, I say so or try to work it out logically, I can't just talk over it like some of my classmates who have no fucking clue what they are talking about but make it seem as if they were experts.
Another part is that it's so bloody unfair because everyone gets a different question. Even with my presentation problem, given Andrea's question I would have talked his ear off. Really, I can tell you every little thing about avian influenza. But bovine enzootic leukemia? Even in the book there's only half a page about it. It's not very contagious, doesn't kill many animals,... Who cares? In the same family are the lentiviruses including the immunodeficiency viruses, which are also pretty important in veterinary medicine. Stupid me, thinking that a question about retroviruses would concern those.

I passed the exam, I'm just not happy with the grade. And mostly angry with myself.

Now, on to the next exam - husbandry and hygiene.
Lovely, comparing the advantages of different kinds of floor in stables - or the different ways to treat manure.
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