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Wonderful day - how unexpected

I'd never have thought that this day could turn out so nice.
After all, a working Friday after a free Thursday is normally full of "Gah, why" or "I don't want to"s.
But today, I had a lot of fun.

First hour: Surgery
Todays topic: Castration of Horses
I can't help it, but I love the word 'emasculator' it just sounds so funny. And I always have remember the faces of all the non-vet males I talked with about this subject.
Do they know they cross their legs while talking?
A little bit sadistic? Me?

Next subject: Meat hygiene
We spend nearly all the time watching a video about correct procedures to slaughter pigs.
Not so much fun, albeit necessary, but whoever made this video decided that it would be good to add some background music to it. Really macabre! I decided to just shake my head disbelivingly instead of laughing madly - seemed to be the better idea.

Then we had practical 'work' in the clinic for reproduction - today we had some dead calves, cards with different birth positions on it and some sheets and were practicing determining the position of a calf by vaginal examination.
Lots of fun, we had to change the positions according to the cards and someone who hadn't been looking had to do the examination. Most of us were remembering birthday partys as children "Are you ready?" , "Not yet", "Don't look."
Ok, so I had fun bending and turning dead calves - that could be seen as sick, couldn't it?</p>

Then I got to sit two hours in the sun, reading and later sleeping, because I refuse to go to animal dietetics - no one should be allowed to present something in such a boring way.

After this:Food hygiene
Today we had a lecture about the different ways of contamination of foodstuff.
With slides with titles like "Composition of the Fecal Flora in Adults" how could it be anything but fun?
We always leave the room with the knowledge that nothing is save to eat, not even salad - oh the possibilities of contamination are endless.
Just for the 'useless information' part: Feces contains 1010-1011germs/g and the top layers of the earth 108-1010germs/g.

The last lecture of the day was neonatology and in the end we even went to the stables to have a look at a newborn calf - alive this time - and there wasn't any 'awww' or 'ohhhh'ing going on, for which I'm thankful because when this happens I only want to hide somewhere.

And I managed to enter a shop to look at some clothes without frowning so much that I have a headache afterwards.
I still hate shopping but I'm not in an aggressive mood for the rest of the day afterwards anymore. I'm really proud, one day I might become a real member of human society.
So I decided to visit the bookstore, the only store I could spend days in and reward myself with one book.
Which was good, because later the nurse refused to stick the needle in my right arm because it's still green-brown from last week (it's not my fault her colleague made a mistake), and I hate giving plasma with my left arm.

When I read all this I have to wonder - this is my idea of fun?
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