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Some days...

Head: What's this? Time to get up already?
Body: Yes! Come on, I'm awake, lets do something
Head: *whine* But I don't want to, it dark outside, it's cold, in a way it's my holiday
Body: Don't care. Get up, I'm awake.
Head: *moves**catches sight of clock* Wha..? It's 3 in the morning!
Body: Really? Don't care. I'm awake.
Head: No! I refuse to get up at 3 in the morning. Especially as we went to bed at 10 yesterday because you were dead tired.
Body: But I'm awake now! Lets go! Look, Kuno is awake too.
Head: To quote something I heard recently "Don't care". Kuno wakes up as soon as you start moving. All he thinks about is running and eating. I won't get up.
Body: But I'm awake...
Head:*ignores Body**forces self to get to sleep**Has some weird dreams**wakes up again*
Body: Can we get up now?
Head: *Looks at clock**groans* Yes.*Lets Body do all the dressing alone and complains the whole time loudly about how getting up at 4:50 is still not normal*
Body: *has heard it all nearly every morning for the last six years**ignores*
This continues the whole time on the bike
After getting back to the flat, while dressing (properly this time) and preparing breakfast:
Body: Yawn! I suddenly feel so tired. What do you say, lets get a bit more sleep?
Head: *goes berserk*
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