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And this would be the reason I don't write

You know maeglinyedi's nightmare thing?
It motivates people to write who really should know better -> me
What's more, I nearly never dream and can't remember any real nightmares

Anyway, this is the result (short and uncreative):
[ETA: Maybe some sort of disclaimer would be a good idea?
Title: ?
Rating: PG I'd think
Warnings: Apart from the "I'm not a good writer", and the "Nightmare" bit? Not really.]

Staring at the dried up tip of a quill in my hand, struggling to remember how it got there.

Sitting in the library, having just taken a stack of notes on a book I don't remember the title of.

Nothing to worry about

Being taken up on favours I don't remember offering.

Seeing children make near fatal mistakes in class, starting to berate them, being shown that they followed the instructions religiously.

Just absentmindedness

Nearly blasting the portrait telling me I've changed my password this morning.

Offering tea, seeing the cups I just handed over.

The stress

Ignoring the looks on peoples faces, introducing themselves, trying to hide the shock my "Do I know you?" brought on.

Reading a book, not understanding it - reading the dedication 'You taught me all I know'.

Only coincidences

Lighting a candle, flying back against the wall.

Concentrating, transforming, pain.

One thing has never failed me - my mind.

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