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Oh my god, an entry about HP, where did this come from?

My favorite quote of the interview - apart from all those 'Good question, but if I'd answer it, I would give to much away' (I could *hear* the groans) - is this one:

Regarding Harrys subconscious feelings, how has it changed from book 1 to book 5? JK Rowling replies -> Well he's obviously been through a lot since book one and book five was the book when he cracked up a little. In book six, the wizarding world is really at war again and he has to master his own feelings to make himself useful.

Because I really like Harry.
Yes, it's my shameful secret, one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter books is Harry Potter. I wanted to hit him a lot of times in OotP, but I like him and I want to see him as something else than a whiny teenager.
And since I didn't expect her to answer questions about my other favorite (Or rather I wouldn't have expected, if I'd known about this interview at all - I really have to look a bit more closely on all those digests in my mailbox) I only have to live with the disappointment that apparently she won't change the titles to 'Severus Snape and'.
How will I live with this horrible blow to all my expectations?</li-cut>
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