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Non cogito ergo spam

Actually it's more along the lines of 'I don't want to think, therefore I spam' but that would require an actual knowledge of Latin and all I have to work with is half a year of medical terminology (take some Latin, throw in some Greek and stir in a bit of ignorance of grammatical rules) and three years of Spanish in school.

And this whole paragraph tells all that needs to be said about my state of mind. But I didn't feel like another minor mental breakdown ("AHHHH another exam") so I have to work with 'manic'.

I went and did something completely useless - I looked at all the pictures I have uploaded for some reason and found out that it's a strange collection.
To keep me from walking in small circles - and irritating the dog to no end - or biting my nails, I'll now spam my journal with some of them.

Since I don't want to be killed, I'll cut anything but this:

The rest contains pictures of graveyards, castration techniques, landscapes and road signs.

And now it's time to meet my doom.
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