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I think this story will be filed under 'things to tease Hanne about'. Right after her complaining about the weak tea, only to realize that she had forgotten to add the tea and was sipping hot water with milk and sugar.

Over the last week my mother complained in every phone call that there was a terrible smell in her car. Since the dog loves this car and uses it as a sort of mobile doghouse, we decided she was to be blamed.
Today she told me that my father finally had mercy and took the Hoover to the car.
Under the drivers seat, directly in front of the heating, he found a rotting cucumber. Apparently it was still wrapped (small mercies).
Now, I know that the weekly shopping trip for this family is more than a bit chaotic (shopping for 3-7 people, everyone throwing things in the trolley, nobody having an actual shopping list - or even an idea what to eat the next week) but how can you not realize that you bought three cucumbers and only unloaded two?

Completely unrelated, but the dancing Snapes in the background here are truly frightening.
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