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There are rants about important things - this is not one of them

Ok, whoever is responsible of changing the smell of my deo while claiming to only make it last longer should die.

I don't need a deodorant that lasts for over 24 hours. If I'm in a situation where I can't reapply it for this long, I'm pretty sure nobody around me will care. (I can take shower in less than five minutes, applying deodorant takes only seconds, if I don't get a chance to do either of those things, there're bigger problems than a bit of body odour.)
What I need is a deodorant, that doesn't smell. I'm not fond of flowers, I don't care for vanilla, I don't want to be mistaken for an apple tree.

I just don't want to smell at all.

If the best I can do is a relatively neutral smell like freshly washed clothes (washed with some neutral soap) then be it.

But I do not appreciate buying a specific brand of deodorant to achieve exactly this and suddenly smelling like some sickly sweet fruit.

And since this is entry is already full of blah:
If you call me Ridicully, you know me online.
If you call me Ridi, you're either to lazy to type the whole thing or, if you do so in RL, we've first met online and you can't remember my real name.
If you call me Alexandra, you're a member of my family.
If you call me Alex you've known me in RL for more than two days.
If you call me by my surname, you're either someone 'official' or I failed to react to Alex for the n-th time.
If you call me Ardnaxela, you're one of my sisters and in a weird mood.
If you call me Je-Mi-errrr-Alexandra, you're my mother and a bit busy at the moment
If you call me Alesandra, you're my aunt.
If you call me Beate or Johanna you're probably pointing at my ID card at laughing.
And to continue my habit of using LJ to remember things that just don't want to stay in my head: It's amblycera and ischnocera.
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