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Spring is in the air

After three days of thinking it without being immediately contradicted by 15 cm of snow in the morning, I believe it's save to say it out loud - or write it down - it looks like spring.
It's relatively warm, it smells like spring and the birds are singing. (As I still keep my windows shut during the night, I see this as a good thing. As soon as the stupid things wake me up with their noise, I'll start complaining.)
Can't wait to look out of the window and see a bit of green.

In other news, reading about tapeworms, heart worms and other white and wriggly worms make me want to eat some noodles.

Oh, and the LJ-Addict quizzy thing tells me I'm only 56.5% addicted. It obviously hasn't seen me shaking my fist at the screen and scream "Entertain me" - or maybe that's not addicted, merely insane.
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