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Tired - stop - But w-lan and dsl so tempting - stop - complete sentences complicated - stop

Passed parasitology. Four of five exams on the first try. I can live with this. Now I'll complain for the next year about getting better grades in the subjects I feel I know nothing about than in those I actually have an idea what I'm talking about.
This of course only boils down to 'I hate oral exams'.

Four hour drive to my parents. Only idiots on the streets (anyone but me). Some new construction sites. Lots of lorries/trucks.

Tomorrow I'll have fun reorganizing the toy. Afterwards - back to microbiology.
Back to Leipzig on the 28th. To do:
  • Post mortem report - I think it was a FLUT cat?
  • Read through material of practical lessons in the last semester - test on 07.04.
  • Resit microbiology exam - probably on 08.04. (if the letter doesn't arrive tomorrow, call to ask)
  • English exam on Good Friday (09.04.)
  • Start to catch up with the work. - Im app. 60 hours behind I think.
  • Try to get a case report in the reproduction clinic before the semester starts again (i.e. 05.04.) - it's spring, there should be some nice c-section or something like this. (Last case report to write, do it now and have only post mortem and food hygiene reports next semester)
  • Find out about the national meeting (21.04? 23.04? - I hate Prof. S-the-vulture, I'm sure he's got the invitation and doesn't tell us just for fun. And he apparently resigned because his work isn't appreciated. I wonder why?)
  • Plan a bit about the future - radiology congress? Praktika? What to do with your life?
  • Become an astronaut and fly to mars.
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