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The incredibly mundane things that constitute my life (someone take this thesaurus away from me)

Meeting old friends is fun. And expensive - three people, cocktails for 80€, and mine were basically fruit juice - but since we do something like this maybe once in two years that's ok.
I got scolded again for not calling but sending an eMail instead. They know me long enough to realize I don't like to phone, but they try anyway.
Both of them will be teachers. How did I end up with friends who want to work with children?
Of course we were trying to outdo each other. Horror stories about teaching sex-ed vs. artificial vaginas and lubricant.
And people who know me since I was ten shouldn't be allowed to keep their diaries from this time. I don't need to be remembered of the silly things I used to say - and still do.

Whole family is away for the weekend. Mother and Sister2 in Venice; Father in Berlin; Sister1 and Stupid Boyfriend don't come out of their little flat (not that I'm unhappy about not seeing Stupid Boyfriend); - the only difference from being in my own flat is the range of food available. But come Monday chaos will reign again.

For now, I'm going to enjoy having the house for myself.
Bathtub, Monty Python DVDs, Pizza in the freezer, dsl - and textbooks.
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