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I *hate* the Deutsche Telekom

I just had a look if it still isn't possible for me to get dsl.
It isn't. Stupid cables.
I don't need a fast connection. I just don't like to have to pay by the minute for my slow connection. Give me a volume based rate or a flatrate and I'm happy. But they only offer those for dsl. The price for 60 online hours a month isdn is the same as for a dsl-flatrate.
So, if *they* hadn't thought it a good idea to use fibre optic cables, I could have a fast connection 24/7 for the same price I'm now paying for two slow hours a day.

Excuse me while I kill someone.

[ETA: What's it with the virus-mails today? This one told me 'you are a bad writer'. Well, I *know*, but why should this text make me open the stupid attachment?]
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