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And now, a lesson in stupidity

See Ridicully.
See Ridicully play her favourite game "How far can I drive with the gas in the tank".
See her forget her mother had borrowed the car and miscalculate.
See the car stop on the largest intersection of motorways in the whole of Germany. Even if she could somehow manage to get of the motorway - nearly impossible because of the more than 100 cars per minute - she would stand in front of the fence of the airport.
See Ridicully stay cool, because she knows that if you wait some minutes after the car has died, it's very likely to start again and drive a short distance.
See her succeed in starting the car again - but fail to drive out the next exit because some idiot doesn't want her to drive in front of him.
See the car stop again right after the exit.
See Ridicully realize she forgot her mobile at home.
See her hit her head on the steering wheel before leaving the car and walking towards the exit.
See her trying to remember where the next petrol station is and fail.
Keep in mind it's spring. It is nearly 10°C. Ridicully doesn't feel the cold like most people, 10°C is a completely reasonable temperature for her to wear only a t-shirt. This results in a lot of strange looks.
See Ridicully walk to the air base.
See the strange looks of the nice people with machine guns.
See her asking the way to the next petrol station.
See the disbelieving look when she wants to know how far it is when walking, not driving.
See pistol guy (who was sort of supervising the machine gun people) allowing her to use a phone.
Observe the looks after she thanks them and walks off again.
See her waiting for her father to show up with gas for the next 30 min.

And what was my biggest problem when walking toward the base? I was agonizing if it would be terribly rude to ask in German.
I don't understand my own priorities.
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