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Ohhhh. Shiny.

An entry for the sole purpose of playing around with my shiny new paid account.
Look, I can make polls:

Poll #272558 Absolutely unecessary poll

I don't have anything I could do a poll about

But I like radio-buttons

And since I also like check boxes

I added one of those too

Hopefully this will all work. Since I can't use the poll creator like every sensible person, I have to play around with the poll commands, there is a good chance I messed everything up.

Paid account also means more icons. I shouldn't be allowed to inflict my creations on the public. But I paid, so nobody can do anything about it. Muhahahahaha!!!!!
Ok, total flashback to 9th grade - having just read Maskerade for the first time and writing mad laughter on every piece of paper I could find.

To make this entry even more random: Lovely spam, wonderful spam. Spamspamspamspamspamspamspamspam
That's quite enough I think. Stopping now.
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