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Oh, free time. Such a strange thing.

English exam this morning. As it's worth exactly nothing, I'm not too bothered that I most likely failed the writing part. (You want me to write an essay on zoonotic diseases, using academic vocabulary, which should be understandable by the pet owner who asks about the subject and it should be no longer than one page? I think I could manage part of it if I really tried, but everything? Forget it. And since writing a letter of application makes me cringe even in German, I have my doubts on this count too.)
The other parts were easy (like I said, worth of this certificate=nothing). I don't care if it's some new trend in teaching, giving us an English text but German questions we're supposed to answer in German is just silly.

Otherwise I passed any important thing I needed to pass last week.

Now I'll try to catch up on this little folder called 'temp' in my bookmarks before Julia calls because she wants help painting her kitchen.
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