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When in doubt, write a list

Things I learned last week:
  • If I don't get much sleep, I should never attempt to stay awake using coffee - not only do I become tired, it also enhances my hyperactive tendencies.
  • I'll never again wait two months to write a report. Even if I have to do it in one night, nothing can be worse than having to rely totally on the notes
  • The 'only facts, no interpretation' rule for the first part of said report can bear very silly results - at least they seem very silly when sleep deprived. "The rectum is filled with a soft, homogenous, brown substance."
  • Seeing Hildago with a group of vets is a very ... interesting experience. "No, that's completely wrong. If you want to shoot your horse you have to put the gun..."
  • I should just lend my car to people who want to go to Ikea, since I'll never manage not to buy something when I'm there.
    But how could I resist a file cart? It speaks directly to the anal-retentive part of my brain.
  • It's spring.

    And I still love the smell of rain on sun warmed tiles.
  • [ETA: And I still can't spell.]
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