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This is what passes for deep thoughts in my brain

Today, during a discussion about aggressive owners, Prof F. (who's from Canada and has - despite over ten years in German speaking countries - still problems with the language) told us about one encounter last week. He said: "Because my German's not very good, I have the advantage. They have to try and understand me. It takes away a lot of their force."
I never thought of it this way. But he's right. If you're talking to someone who has just warmed up and is starting a rant, making them stop and concentrate on understanding what you're saying will probably help.

Hmmmm. It's not a technique I could use, but it's interesting. Fits with the 'let your enemies underestimate you, they'll never know what hit them' idea.
And to keep the level of randomness in this journal up:
How exactly did I manage to scrub away the skin on the back of my neck while drying my hair? Maybe I should think about buying softener.
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