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Bees are really weird creatures

Strange day

First we had our practical lesson on internal medicine in large animals not on the usual horse or cow but a lovely camel.
It was used to being cuddled because his owner rents it out for riding. So most of our time was spent petting the camel while every now and then one of us would try to get its heart-rate or look at the teeth.
As normally the animals are mostly unhappy to be at the clinic and difficult to touch - even if just to do a normal examination - this was a nice change.

Then we had the first of seven lectures about bees and their diseases.

Strange animals!

The biggest mystery for me - how artificial insemination of bees works - won't be lifted until next time, but we got a fascinating look on the genetics of bees.
Parthogenesis is easy to understand, but how it can produce a male insect that is capable of producing functional sperm when grown up seems completely illogical to me. The explanation given in the book is not really understandable either.

And not five minutes ago I was phoned by my uncle who absolutely needed to know my birthday. Never mind that he's living next door to my mother who's most likely able to remember the date, he had to phone three times in not ten minutes to be absolutely sure.

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