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babble, babble, babble - oh, and I also overuse the word interfering

I feel like Garfield.
At least the look on my face after reading about the Marriage Affirmation Act in Virginia must have come close to his.

While I'm a fine sample that those people wanting to become vets are negative selections for political interest, my reaction can be best described by: "But that's not what governments are for"
Call me naive, but I never thought governments exist to make the decision of what's bad or wrong. As a grown-up person, I can make those decisions myself. If I really feel I need help, that's what religions are for.
I thought that long as I'm not interfering with anybody else's life - or if I do, I do so with their consent - it doesn't concern anyone else. (And no, even if "It's disturbing, because it goes against my moral convictions", it's not interfering in your life - I'm sure there are also people who are greatly disturbed by me eating meat, or wearing my hair short, but that's not interfering in their lives either.)
I'm just trying to understand how elected representatives can fail to understand (rather acknowledge probably) something I've always considered so obvious.

Such radical opinions. Such new and coherent thoughts.
My LJ shows it, I'm obviously destined for great things.
Or maybe not.
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