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Blah? My day? Begone foul viruses, for I've come to kill you? When I'm stressed I become even more verbose? I'm sure this line was put here with the sole purpose of torturing me (Self-centered? What gave you this idea?)

I'm ridiculously addicted to this thing, but for my peace of mind I'll pretend that I was terribly bored when I wrote this:

It's 7 a.m. and I'm waiting in front of the loked door for someone with a key to arrive, so I can work my usual hour before the first lecture starts. I have to wait nearly every day, so I'm used to it by now.
Any sane person would just leave the flat ten minutes later, but I've never claimed to be sane.

Found out yesterday that playing Nobody's perfect with opponents who've drunk just a bit too much is fun. They are so gullible.
Sunday evening just isn't the best time to do so.
But do I really need more than five hours of sleep? Of course not.
During the evening we also found out that Julia has never seen The life of Brian. No question which movie we'll see at our next DVD night. It can't be healthy, knowing nothing about the PFJ or Biggus Dickus

And since I was at Julia's yesterday, logically I spent this morning downloading virus patches and security updates - what are friends for if not to exploit your weaknesses? I like to feel helpful and hate not knowing the answers in subjects I belive myself marginally competent - and they know it.


I spent my lunch break trying to update the virus scanner on the FSR computer without catching any virus - and didn't succeed. Now I'll have to go hunting for a removal patch and a disc.

I also got my bike back. And not one day too soon. Two days of just walking with the dog and I have to fight not to strangle him. He needs the exercise - this much energy shouldn't be allowed in a pet.
The number of parts on a bike I've managed to break that I didn't know could break went up again. The rim of the wheel can get so thin that it can't withstand the pressure from the inside any more.

And to put a nice end to a stressful day, I decided to finally find out what exactly that strange bump on Kuno's back is.
I'm lucky this dog doesn't appear to feel pain. And loves me despite the things I do to him.
After sticking a needle in him for some time, I'm not much wiser. Lot's of blood and a bit of pus. But nothing I could put a name to.

For some reason there's always a lot more to do on Monday than I anticipated and this throws me out of the loop until I get into the proper set of mind, which is something like 'Don't look at tomorrow's problems, solve those right in front of you first.'
(And if nothing else works, pick those easy to solve. This way, at the end of the day, I can at least be happy about having managed to do the laundry.
No, it's not pathetic. It's ... taking pleasure in small things.)</p>

And I have tickets for the a cappella concert on Wednesday. Sadly, I missed the renaissance one on Sunday. But seeing how much I had to spent on the bike it's probably a good thing I didn't read the leaflet. properly.

Now I'll sacrifice a virgin goat to prevent any viruses coming near my computer and go to bed afterwards.
[ETA: Ohhhh. Thunderstorm. Pretty.
But not conductive to doing anything that requires an internet connection.]
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