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I may have mentioned this before

I hate committee meetings.
I really, really hate them.
Why do we have to talk nearly an hour on how to best find a candidate for a job without hurting the other professor's feelings? I understand that they should be taken into consideration, but to this extend?

Oh, and is there anyone reading this journal who knows when the elections for the European parliament are? They've started to put up signs, but I don't know how long in advance they do that. Not only do I need to figure out who to vote for until then - even more difficult to decide than in national elections - but I need to be at my parents on that weekend too.

Well, I suppose I'll find out soon enough.
Now I'll marvel a bit more about the fact that my bad mood disappeared - even though it has been raining the whole day and I've been drenched once already - and continue to be excited about the concert this evening.

[ETA: Ok, apparently next month - but when? One should think it would be mentioned on their website. Or I'm just to stupid to find it]
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