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Just one of those little reminders that my world view is a bit skewed

I think 'normal' people argue about the ethics of euthanasia - not the preferred methods.
I don't think twice about a discussion if ripping off the abdominal aorta of a horse rectally is better than using a knife in the heart if nothing else is available.
Another subject for the 'don't talk about it in public' pile, I think.

Today they had to evacuate the main station because they found a WW2 bomb.
I'm still trying to figure out *where* they found it. The station was completely renovated some years ago. How could they miss it then?

And I'd be very happy if my mind would stop quoting smutty bits of fanfic I recently read at me during boring lectures.
It's distracting.</p>
Otherwise I'd like to make it officially known to whatever weather-god listening that we've had enough spring rain.
I know this for a fact and it has nothing to do with me being drenched even if I'm lucky and it's not actually raining when I'm biking.
The absolute minimum is the insides of my legs from ankle to thigh. As long as I'm heading home and can change as soon as I arrive, it's not too bad, but I'm not always heading home.
Wah. Pity me, my life is full of hardship.
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