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A nice restful day

Traditionally I should have spent the day in Hanover, but I really didn't want to, so I had a day of, nothing important to do and no new fanfic to read. I decided to get up to date with Buffy. Passages like this:
  • On stage, a BAND starts to play a mournful tune. It's full of loneliness. Pain. You know, season six stuff.
  • Dawn peeks through the little window at the cooking marshmallow. (if it's possible to actually get a shot into a working microwave we could actually see the marshmallow swell to massive proportions... they do that.)
  • Buffy pushes Holden off her, slams him with a punch and away they go. Fighty McFightenstein.
  • A large, intricate metal SEAL -- not unlike a Presidential seal, if the President was Satan

    The bustling city. Sure, what the hell. Haven't we seen enough of the countryside? And if nobody recognizes it, super in one of those "London, England" title cards. That's the ticket. Anyway...

are the reason I like to read the scripts more than I like to watch the episodes.
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