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Water buffalos and one of the mysteries of LJ

I'm not certain *why* I like water buffalos so much. It could be because I like unusual animals, because they're not as neurotic as cows or simply because some of them can scratch their own neck with their horns.
I really don't know.

Look! Cute baby! Everyone go "Awwwwww!" please.

I don't think they like me.

Another baby. This one really young.

While checking my userinfo I found out I've been added by another serial adder. This one doesn't have an offensive name, has no userinfo, no entries and doesn't seem to leave comments in other people's journals (all quite fitting for the name silenceofbeing).
There are over 200 comments asking why they've been added.
I don't get it.
With some effort I can understand the drama over being defriended.
(Disclaimer: I don't mind being defriended. I bore myself most of the time. If I bore you, defriend away. As long as I'm sure it isn't because I've mortally offended you - if I'm not, I'll ask - I'll cope. (I'll probably also cope if I've mortally offended you, but I may feel guilty for a few seconds.)
But throwing a fit because someone adds you? Why do you care if I read your journal on my friends list or have it bookmarked? If you don't want me to read your entries, friendlock them. It's easy.
Time for the universal explanation again: Stupid people.
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