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Randomness and plans

The real reason for this entry: Meeeeehhhhh. Icon.

I could deal with those damned hornets (or mutant wasps or whatever they are) a lot better, if I didn't have to stop the stupid dog from eating them at the same time.

And I can't be the only person thinking that going naked to the part of the beach reserved for dogs is just an accident waiting to happen.

Also, I'm apparently contagious. Even people who can cook suddenly manage to mess up the chocolate for a fondue (That this is even possible is fascinating) in my presence.

And now:
My unbelievable exciting plans for the weekend.
Tomorrow: drive from Leipzig to Frankfurt after class (two passengers)
Friday: vote, make good use of the dsl connection, make necessary calls, do anything family needs me to do. See PoA at 14:00 (and why the last showing on Thursday is at 19:15 is beyond me. It's the opening day - surely a late showing isn't too much to ask?). Drive from Frankfurt to Munich (Two (three?) passengers). Find out where I'll be sleeping.
Saturday: meeting, fun, Biergarten probably.
Sunday: Back to Frankfurt (one passenger so far). Get work done. Second time PoA (in English again. Did I mention I love the Turmpalast?)
Monday: Frankfurt to Leipzig, starting at 5 a.m. (for some reason, no passengers so far, I wonder why?). Uni until 17:45. FSR meeting at 18:00 (and Christina's back.). Somehow manage to get the ballots etc. from the city to our campus.
Busy week to follow. FSR elections and appointments for getting a bill of health for working in the abattoir next month (which is a rant in waiting).

1600 km. Lots of stuff to do. Not much sleep. And I know none of those people I'll be taking with me. I'm not good at small talk. This promises to be interesting.
At least I can claim having to concentrate on the traffic.

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