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Ohne Punkt und Komma.

Uh-oh. Flist is skip=300.
I'll take this as proof that I really had no net access this weekend. (Because otherwise I wouldn't believe that I could survive that.)

Munich is a nice city.
Munich in the rain, with little time between meetings isn't as nice - but spending this short time in bookstores is.

But still a lot of things this weekend proofed Murphy's Law for me.

  • In PoA on Friday after the trailers and ads the screen went blank and stayed so for the next 20 minutes. Apparently the forgot to start the movie.
    Since I already was on a tight schedule, this was Bad.
  • Someone decided that a 144 min movie needs an intermission of 15 minutes.
    Due to the aforementioned tight schedule, this resulted in me HAVING TO LEAVE 10 MIN BEFORE THE END!
  • Even though I was running like a mad through the rain, I still arrived 1 minute to late at the parking block and having to pay 2 € more.</li>
  • At least all my passengers were on time.
    But two traffic jams, multiple bath breaks and the rain slowed us down considerably and we arrived in Munich around 11:30 p.m.
  • After I'd finally thrown out my last passenger, it took over an hour finding the uni.
  • I had only my sleeping bag with me because I'd been told there'd be enough mattresses. There weren't.
    Oh well, I don't mind sleeping on hard ground and the floor at least wasn't cold.
  • Saturday Night some person who hadn't been told we were sleeping in the room had locked the door to the staircase. After a few futile calls I ended up waking up one of assistants in the surgical department. He let me in the building - but on the wrong side. After checking six floors I found a way to the other side (the easiest way would have been though the labs for radioactive isotopes of the pharmacological department, but for some reason those doors were looked), figured out a shorter way to enter and put up a sign for those coming after me.
  • All this had started around midnight. All the while it was raining. And the group from Hanover had just found out that they shared their sleeping quarters (where we also stored our food) with cockroaches. So they were a bit too preoccupied with girly screams (even the guys) and killing bugs to listen to my "But I don't want to wake someone up.Wah wah wah."'s
But it still was a nice weekend.
And the trip back only took 3 3/4 hours.

Now I'll go and eat some cherries directly from the tree, try to get to skip=150 on the Flist and see PoA again - hopefully including the end this time.
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