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The next time I decide to have problems with tradition and not to go with everyone else I have to remember that even then my days won't be restful.

Shortly after my last entry I got a call from my friends who went to Hanover (interesting that it's written with only on 'n' in english). Seems like the food was barely enough, so when they are visiting us tomorrow our food will most likely not be enough either.
Some cooking and baking tonight should alleviate this problem. But since they won't be arriving here till 11 p.m. the only person to do the necessary shopping was me.
I guess I should be happy that I've trained my friends good enough not to ask me to cook something by myself, but I still had to go to the only Aldi that is open after 7, which is the one in the main railway station where the queues are endless because of this fact. And I had to go there by tram because I had to much to buy to go by bike, and I never remember at which times I have to buy a ticket and when my student ticket will be accepted.
And now I have to wait till they get back and then drive there with all the things and help cooking. I wanted to try going to bed early today, I was told it could help with my chronic tiredness.

Grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble,...

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