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Just a short rant:
Why don't you idiots vaccinate your animals?
I can understand not worrying about rabies if you're living in the UK or Australia, and I'm even willing to discuss the merits of some other vaccines on a case to case basis (see how reasonable I can be? The fact that I'm frothing at the mouth shouldn't disturb anyone, really) but thinking your pup can do without a parvo shot or your horse without the silly tetanus thingy is completely irresponsible.
Now step on a rusty nail (I suppose you aren't vaccinated too?) and have some fun.

Now to the questions I was asked (omg! someone actually asked me something!!!)

What color are your eyes?
Sort of greenish.
In fact, I think I've got an icon with my eye on it somewhere.
Yep, there it is:

This colour.

Nicht hauen.. aber nachdem du Tiermedizin studierst will ich es trotzdem wissen. Was war dein Abitur Durchschnitt? 1,?
Ich werd' doch niemanden hauen der mich was fragt. Dafür rede ich viel zu gerne über mich selbst. :p
Ich bin gerade noch so reingekommen. Abischnitt 2,0. Die Chance auf 'ne 1 vor dem Komma hab' ich mir mit meiner Matheprüfung versaut. 6 Punkte. Im LK.
(Ja, das ist immer noch ein wunder Punkt, war das sehr auffällig? *g*)

And now I have to find out why McAffee decided it can just stop working without asking me first.
And I need to buy dog food.
And have to write two reports.
And one presentation.
Doing the laundry wouldn't be a bad idea either.
So I should probably stop making lists and start working.
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