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The things I do while asleep sometimes amaze me.
I can't really hold a conversation when I'm sleeping like some of my acquaintances, but I can usually answer any questions I'm asked.
I can let the dogs out or feed them or even answer a phone call without really waking up. Since I sleep in a loft bed, I can also climb a ladder while asleep.
I have no recollection of doing anything like this tonight, the only thing I vaguely remember is standing beside my bed, holding the piece of wood serving as a bedside table in my hand and wondering why I took it down. This morning I realized that I broke off part of the headboard, broke the plastic tray on my desk and left footprints on a box standing besides the desk.
I seem to have climbed over the headboard (using the bedside table as a lever to break it), onto the table 1 m below, from there on the box and completely down.
How I managed this without waking up or breaking my neck I don't know. I also don't know *why* I did it. I don't remember any dreams about climbing.
I think I'll take this incident as further proof that I need some more sleep. (At the moment, I take anything that goes wrong as proof of this.)
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