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We're all sick here. Very, very sick.

Or maybe we're just very fond of macabre jokes and have no piety.
But someone just had to mention Iraq while hacking away at the neck of a cat, trying in vain to get the damned head off. (This was a post mortem. No living cats were harmed in the making of this entry)

Every now and then I feel like I should really take an interest in politics.
(But it's just so frustrating. The reason I'm much more interested in history than politics is that history is over. There is no way to change it. You have to accept it and don't need to feel bad because maybe you could do something to change it.)
The times I feel like this are the times I add news feeds to my flist. This time I created an rss feed just to get news of the government.
Now I feel silly.
Earth to brain: You could just read the paper or watch the news.
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