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Time to sort out your life. No excuses this time.

  • First of all, a change of plans for today:
    • Meeting at 8
    • Ask Prof. Oe. for letter of reference - if you don't do this, you *will* be punished. Don't think that just because you can rationalize chickening out I won't.
    • Turn in report
    • Guest Lecture at 9 - The brain of bees
    • Last Klinikstunde
    • Donate Blood
    • Pack, clean up flat
    • Next meeting
    • Take Julia to the airport
    • Drive to Frankfurt
  • Next the plans for the weekend and till Wednesday
    • Put up fence in the garden so you don't have to be too afraid to let the dog stay with sister1 and stupid boyfriend
    • Decide which things to take with me for the three weeks at my aunt's/work at the abattoir
    • Figure out a way to at least check my eMail once a day during this time
    • Drive to Kulmbach
    • Start work on 7 at Monday
    • Somehow manage not to work on Wednesday, but instead drive to Gießen for the national meeting. Be prepared for endless discussions. Stupid TAppO. Stupid deans. Stupid process of changing a law.
  • The rest of the three weeks
    • Make proper plan for studying next semester. If you have to make a completely impossible one, just so you can ignore half of it and still achieve what you want, be my guest at deluding yourself, just *do* it.
    • Abattoir, abattoir, abattoir
    • Try to find job for the rest of the summer. (Will be a bit difficult if I don't figure out a way to get internet access)
    • Prepare applications for next summer
  • The rest of the summer
    Work. Earn money. Study.
    Oh, and send of the applications on 13.08 latest. Kick Fergie if you have to, to get you letter.
  • </li>
  • Next semester
  • Next year
    Wah. Exams. Half a year of practical work. Last exams.
  • And after that?
    Again: WAH!
    What do I want to do? Where do I want to work? Doktorarbeit? Large or small animals?
    Think about it.
  • Anything else I need to remember?/Ongoing things
    • Website FSR/class
    • Insurances
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