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Now the garden is divided in two parts. The dog can't get to the guinea pigs or the weak fence to the neighbours'.
I'm a hero. Great and mighty.
If anyone cares to know: the blocks of concrete holding construction fences weight approximately. 37,5 kg (yes, I pulled out the scales - if I have to carry them around, I want to boast about it at least) and are exactly the right size to bruise not only my hipbones, but also the top of my thighs.</p>
Which generic smut novel character are you? (With somewhat relevant pictures!)

The Burly, Surly Stable Hand

Do enjoy heavy lifting, heavy eating, and heavy drinking? Are you good at picking up bales of hay and fine-looking women? Are you wearing flannel at the moment? If you answered an affirmative grunt to any of the above, then “The Burly, Surly Stable Hand” category has you profiled.

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And tonight, Spiderman 2.
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