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Ahhhh. Calm and quiet

Family is sent off to Shanghai.
Parcels are at ups where they belong (the local delivery guy stops two times at the office if necessary - how it's possible not to manage to get the outgoing parcels ready in time is beyond me).
While I was driving there, (ok, waiting at a traffic light) the man in the car next to me (Portuguese license plate) asked how to get to Frankfurt center. I managed to explain he had to turn around and go straight ahead afterwards. Trying to be extra helpful I told him to just "follow the signs". On my way back I realized that Frankfurt is one of those cities that don't have Zentrum or even Stadtzentrum - which most foreigners can figure out - on the signs but the somehow less understandable Stadtmitte.
Oh well, after a five minute drive in the right direction, it would be pretty hard not to notice the skyscrapers. I think he'll cope.

I even figured out why the toy always dies on me when I try to shut it down at my parents.
Seems the wlan stuff (I've been told to always use termini technici) doesn't behave the way it should. So I should remember to turn it off manually before telling the toy to go into standby or to shut down.

To do: Prepare for committee meeting tomorrow and maybe write old friends from school that I'm at my parents' for the next few days.
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