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Sometimes my life seems just so bizarre

Some days I wonder if I'm doing what I'm doing out of interest or because of the shock-value of telling people about it.

Most likely it's the first, but I'm enjoying the second immensely as a byproduct.

Today I could imagine the faces of the next poor souls who have the seats right behind me and my friends when we start talking about todays lessons.

Not only did we learn that it's the season for flying cats - meaning cats jumping out of windows or of balconys - but one of the therapies for a broken jaw, which is often the result of this actions, is sewing the jaws together. Buttons on both sides of the nose and under the mouth are included to avoid the thread cutting into tissue.

Later we were asked for some reason nobody really understands to identify the species of an animal only by the picture of an erect penis.
I'm now able to do this not only with the common animals (which I could do before this lesson - I did pass anatomy) but also with a rhino.

I have no doubt that this will help me immensely in the future.

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