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Meme spam

Your LiveJournal Love Life
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wearing: Jeans and a black t-shirt.

hair: Short. Artifical red

makeup: Never

ate today: Laugenbrezel, sandwiches at the meeting, some meatballs and sausages.

thing last said: Probably "Jetzt reichts! Ruhe!" or some variation thereof because Kuno didn't want to keep quiet.

last phone call: My uncle. Telling me that my parents called and have arrived safely in Shanghai. He'd already left some post its with the same message.

in your bag: wallet, sunglasses, biro, calendar

playing on your iPod: No iPod. No music at the moment either.

desktop picture:

photo of some trees I took last year.

last watched on tv: Ummm. Some silly comedy involving a nanny who wants to get back to jail and blonde twins she tries to sell. Hey, it's what my aunt was watching and the day before it had been IA in Oberbayern which was even worse.

last website visited: LJ

plans for today: Catch up with flist. Go to bed

last thing bought: Aside from groceries? Black t-shirt because in my infinite wisdom I only took sleeveless shirts with me and at 12°C after a while this was a bit cold, even for me; white jeans for the work in the abattoir.

last showered: Yesterday evening

last IM: I always forget to start trillian.

I need: to do lots of things. Money. A new tire for my bike.

looking forward to: three more days of having the house for my own.

worst part of the day: The endless discussions during the meeting.

best part of the day: sitting down with the toy and ignoring all the work looming tomorrow.

favorite person of the day: the girl from Vienna, because she lost even more of the decoration while trying to eat the sandwiches than me.

thinking about: nothing - at least I'm trying to

current annoyance: the part of my brain that's telling me what I have to do tomorrow.

current obsession: nothing

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