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Abattoir, abattoir, abattoir. (No, this subject line has not very much to do with the entry)

Dear hormones,
please stop this crush/lusting after thing you've got going for the boss. It's ridiculous and pathetic. I don't appreciate having to consciously think about not drooling or licking someone's ear during a conversation on different ways to kill a cow.

Dear boss,
I really hope my crush isn't obvious, but could you stop fueling it anyway? Inviting me to a short trip to Nuernberg because you "need to get my measurements taken and it's a nice city" (even if we didn't go in the end because the suit wouldn't be ready in three weeks when you need it) encourages the little part of my brain that shouts "It's mutual!" which is a part of my brain that should *never* be encouraged.

Dear people on the motorways,
if you don't know how wide your car is and are thus afraid to overtake a truck in a construction site, please get the fuck off the left lane.
The same goes for those of you who insist on adhering to the speed limit. If there are three or more lanes, leave the left one to those of us who are willing to risk a speeding ticket to move at a velocity we think reasonable.

Dear flist,
I've been away for four days and am only at skip=600? What is the world coming to?

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