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Always look on the bright side

Since ebay powersellers are idiots (look, I know you're getting lots of those automatic generated confirmation mails, but if you could at least take a look at the address they show I'd be very grateful) my Priest video was waiting for me in Leipzig (among three other movies).
So my days this week may be filled with copy&pasting pharmaceutic information and decorating it with handknit html on the pc from hell, but I get to see this movie for the first time in five years.
Oh and since Julia is apparently as bored with her work in the food hygiene supervision office as I was last year (she only has to do two weeks, I think that warrants a short momen t of five-year-old-ness: Not FAIR!) maybe we'll motivate each other ot actually start with the studying.

But there is no bright side to the fact that I've just found moths in my nice and fluffy winter bathrobe. *grumble*
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