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Yes, I do know that I don't appreciate how good my life actually is.

I think I may develop an ulcer due to the fact that I took my *savings* and bought something as frivolous as an iPod. Well, after I've learned that I can work at my job until December and don't have to stop in September, I think I may survive the trauma.
But I feel that since I've risked the bodily pain that comes with using the money that my brain insists is only to be used in 'bad times', it think I should at least be there when the thing is delivered and not 400 km away.

And this is what I call exciting these days. But working as a human copier does the same thing boredom does: I can feel my IQ dropping by the hour.
Oh wow, one of those things I can only say on LJ, everywhere else I could not ignore the eye-rolling and the "not that it was all that high to start with" quips.
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