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HP fandom is ranting and I don't get it

The latest JKR interview everyone is ranting about?
I like it. She makes fun of George Lukas, gives little hints that make everyone go "Wheeeeee!" and is happy that people picked on her clues about Aberforth.
Am I the only one who doesn't take her comments about Snape and Draco and "bad boy love" serious? And even if I did, wouldn't really care?

This woman likes to wind her readers up, I wouldn't put it behind her to say these things just because it annoys fans. (I confess that I quite like this sort of behaviour that doesn't really hurt anyone, but isn't *nice*. But I also like to annoy people just for the fun of it.)
And even if she does really mean everything she says, what does it matter? I don't need the authors permission to like a character. I don't even have to like the author or any part of his/her opinions to like a book. I'm absolutely capable of reading HP, liking JKR in general, but disagree with her on the Snape and Sirus love. (I agree with her on the Draco hate. The little ferret *should* be hated as much as possible. Why, oh why won't people see that? - See, my opinion. Doesn't matter to anyone but me. Why should JKR's opinion be different as long as she doesn't do some sort of God-like cameo in HBP, telling everyone who to like and dislike.? All those Draco lovers have managed to like the ferret just fine until now, despite the characterization. Why should that change?)
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