I seriously need another hobby like a hole in the head.

I was puttering along, doing a number of things that needed doing, booted up the Macbook to use one bit of software that won't work on my Linux machine, no matter what, and Steam wanted updating.
Updated it, went on puttering, thought "Oh, maybe I'll update the Steam client on the Linux box too" and by doing so actively reminded myself that there are games that can be played on the desktop.

Bad mistake.

Suddenly it's Sunday evening and I spent the last three days playing through Half Life (yes, I know it's over 15 years old but see the bit before about Linux).
I still *suck* at any kind of fine motor skills. I save approximately every five seconds because ladders will kill me. But oh fuck, so addictive. And there's about 9 more parts I could play.
Send help!.

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Happy New Year! (New Zealand should be nearly there, right)

Ever since I finished work yesterday (08:30 on the 30th, for reference) I have been loudly enthusiastic about the fact that I am done with work for the year.
Nearly everyone just looks at me and tells me "There's only one more day left in the year."

This is not the point. If you want to be annoying about it, you can even mention that my next shift is the New Year's Day shift, starting at 09:00 on the 1st.
But why would you mention that? Do you enjoy being a mean, horrible person?
(No judgement, I know I am and enjoy it immensely).

Anyway. I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I like fresh starts so the New Year is a great time to reiterate all the (self) improvement things I've been working on the last year (and have been very lax in doing for half of December.)

Which I will now continue to do.
See you all next year. May it be better than the last one.

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This and that and ... who cares it's an entry!

This is a thing of beauty: Berliner? Pfannkuchen? Palatschinken???
(Kreppel! And I wonder about Quarkkeulchen sometimes)

I went bouldering in Yorkshire before this year's work congress. Being all on my own, a 15 minute walk from my car with no mobile reception I, for once, heeded common sense and did not try any hard moves.
(I might have looked a bit less like a deer in the headlight if I had...)

Then I went to said congress. And it's yearly dress up dinner. This year it wasn't fancy dress but black tie.
Boring. But now I know how to tie a bow tie. Useful? Probably not so much.

And now I'll do some maths homework because I've decided to see how far I can stretch my motivation on a distance learning course in civil engineering. See me decide it is too much work in a couple of months...

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(no subject)

How is it now November?</br> I have not made that entry with pictures from my trip yet. But I have new pictures and stories to post already. I *refuse* to simply skip the necessary lengthy entry. I will not do that.

So, when I left off here I had just returned from the US. And was back at work and busy. Story of my life, nothing new there.
The reason I had been to the USA was the yearly meeting of the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. A horribly mouthful and the reason acronyms were invented. I've been going to EVECCS for years, it's a nice chance for a few days in a different european city (and some CPD) every year. IVECCS this year was in San Diego and I knew a few colleagues that were definitely going.
Interesting city + people to pressure into roomsharing + CPD = Alex is going to IVECCS.

But I certainly wasn't going to be on a plane for 13 hours just for five days of congress. I made a holiday out of it, another week, massive road trip, as many touristy things as I could cram into that.

To give you an idea, here's a map:

Let's just say I drove a lot.

And hiked and took pictures. Most of which can be found in the album with the map.
Collapse )

I *want* to talk about the hiking. The driving. Everything. But if I don't click 'post' any time soon, I will not ever post this entry. So. This is it for now. Short and basic.

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So, this is what the flip side looks like?

I've arrived back from my holiday on Thursday and have been working every night or day since.
Fun thing - for a given value of fun - walk in front door at 16:00 after 36h in airports or on planes, walk out again at 18:15 to work a 14h night shift. At least my sleep schedule is so messed up, I don't really notice the jet lag.

In between and during the down time at work I've been slogging through my photos and catching up on the email and DW backlog.</br> I'm nearly done with the photos and I *will* post a few of them when I'm done.
Have a teaser:

(Oh joy, transferring from SD to tablet leaves the exif behind. *adds to to-do-list*)

For now though, I'm going back to dealing with the pile of conference and holiday debris and side eying those election results...

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I'm off, see you on the flip side.

Less than 24h before my plane leaves and I am ridiculously excited for this holiday.
I've been conveniently ignoring the fact that the first five days in San Diego are actually work related. It all sounds fairly interesting, I just don't care at all.
(Compassion fatigue is a valid lifestyle choice, leave me alone.)
There should be wireless for the first few days. For the road trip with hiking after, probably not so much. I know better than to promise and entry with pictures, but there might possibly be? Maybe?

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I can't really title ever single entry "I aten't dead"

My ankle looks like this at the moment: Collapse )

This, amazingly enough, has nothing to do with climbing or the Tough Mudder I ran last month. I simply stepped in a pothole on the street. Pure stupidity.
It doesn't even hurt any more. Just ... is swollen and purple-green.
I'm not someone to make sensible health decisions, so I went climbing on it once already. Which I shouldn't do but I have way too much energy and no way to get rid of it.
Problem is, swollen as it is, it doesn't squeeze properly into climbing shoes. Also, my california trip which involves lots of hiking is less than a month away. I *should* be sensible.

It's something I do so well.

Exhibit A - The Ridi shaped mud monster on the right.

Collapse ) Please note the lovely orange hats on the rest of my team. This is what I've been doing when I'm bored at the moment. Knitting hats.
Knitting hats and marathoning first the West Wing and now ER

It keeps me entertained.
And since the summer sale on Steam I have a playable version of Civilization for the first time in 20 years. This is not good. I can lose days to that game...

Hmm. Coherent, this entry is not. But it's got pictures and will maybe break through the barrier of "Too much stuff, can't post before I have talked about all this".
We'll see.

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I love to wander aimlessly

I just really like to walk. Pretty fast too, as most people who visit me can attest (sorry again [personal profile] dirtyzucchini and [personal profile] kriski!) So when I got linked to the [community profile] flaneurs comm from [community profile] snapshot_bingo it certainly sounded like the place for me. Except for the fact that my mental picture of flânerie involves parasols and Unter den Linden. Not quite my speed. But the general idea of wandering aimlessly or just for the sake of it appeals to me a great deal. This month was the time for a number of challenges in that comm. And so I ended up walking the official walks in Welwyn Garden City. Being a Garden City, Welwyn isn't that old. And apart from being a Garden City, there's not much about it that's interesting. But it's certainly pretty with lots of green. Collapse ) All in all a pleasant, if relatively boring walk And now, back to not saying much at all. I'm actually trying to train for a tough mudder race in July. So much fun! comment count unavailable comments on the original post. See to comment.
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Not Insane!, Clowns

Iron Man 3

It's April. In England. How did I manage to get massively sunburnt?
Oh, yes, I decided that walk all of Regent's Canal yesterday. Clever me.

But this entry isn't about that. It's a place to flail because I went and saw Iron Man 3 last night.

Collapse ) I don't do coherent reviews, sorry. But it was FUN.

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