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Jun. 24th, 2016 @ 11:06 am I'm irrationally furious about this. Mainly because I expected better of GB.
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I wish people weren't such morons and would actually think before they vote.

The fact that people kept telling me that I'm the right kind of foreigner and as such would obviously be allowed to stay is so telling.

I've been on a Very Angry Run already and will now stock up on my virtual popcorn so I can munch on that while watching this trainwreck burn.

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history, german
Apr. 29th, 2016 @ 03:43 pm *handwave* The last few months happened. Indeed they did.

I'm posting now not to catch up but to collect my reaction to Captain America - Civil War. The triple bill last night was a lot of fun and made certain things much more obvious. Also, it was just a fun reactive audience and generally cool.

Collapse )

All in all, it's another one in a line of films where, really, they seem to have liked the idea of the title/concept more than actually thinking it through so the plot made even so much as comic-book-sense. But it is pretty enjoyable at least.

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Feb. 18th, 2016 @ 12:36 am I still don't believe the calendar, but it's not changing its tune
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Well, apparently 2016 is going to be one of those years.
I have absolutely no idea where the last 1.5 months have gone. I have no idea what I have actually done in that time either, but it sure felt like a lot at the time.
I'll see how the next few weeks behave before I put out a kill order, but I am not impressed so far.

*disappears under mountain of random busyness again*

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Jan. 6th, 2016 @ 02:20 pm Unexpectedly, 2016 happened...
Current Mood: sick

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting 2016 to come around this fast.

The second half of December was manic, partially because working out of hours means that holidays will be some of our busiest shifts anyway and Spanish!colleague went and dislocated his shoulder just before, so we had even more shifts to cover. The other part was because the OTW thing escalated. A lot. Fun times.

Since New Year's Eve I've been down with the lurgy, working my last two shifts in a bit of a haze. But see above: people who dislocate their shoulder and use that as their wimpy excuse not to work, having already used up all the potential gap covers. Oh well, working the last few holiday shifts with a fever is nearly a tradition by this point.

2015 turned out to be an ... interesting year on the whole. Onward to 2016!

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Dec. 15th, 2015 @ 10:57 am *insert random garbled noises here*

I have no idea where time is going, but I did finish going through my photos!

Now I only have to write up short bits and link them, or, alternatively, get them set in a photo book and get that printed.
Never mind me, I might be some more time.

Only 7 days until solstice and I can't wait for days to stop being shorter again, as usual.

What else... Oh! I re-watched Star Wars (in Machete Order) yesterday in preparation for watching the New One. I knew I had erased basically all of Clones from my head, but I didn't remember it was out of self preservation.
Oh well, I am prepared for anything that might come now. And I remember why I was always more of a Star Trek person.

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Nov. 27th, 2015 @ 09:40 am These are the interestingest of times...
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Well. That OTW Open Board meeting happened. And then things continued to happen.
Now that things have settled down just the tiniest bit (most likely because most of the US based people are in a food coma), I am with the people who think this clean slate is actually the best news for the org. I trust LO and Matty and I know they are already working hard to get everything lined up so they can start work as soon as they are inducted as Board.

In less exciting news, I've been watching Sense8 and then Jessica Jones to finish my knitting and start on my photo sorting. Different as they are, I like them both. (We're going to ignore Walter firing a rocket launcher less than 500m from the Federal Police Office building in Berlin. Or the fact that Sufentanil is a controlled drug basically everywhere and the level of lockup and protocol to sign that stuff out this means.)
I've also been sucked into Hamilton because of course I would.

Thanks to us being fully staffed vet-wise at work for the first time in five years or so, I was barely working at all in November. I am not used to this. It took me about two weeks to remember that I choose a job with 60+ hour weeks for a reason. I need the stress and pressure. Without it I actually get less done.
Oh well, from December on we're back to a more normal rota pattern, then I can be grumpy about too little sleep and/or time again.

We've reached the season where all my running trails are mud and ice again. This is not conductive to running at any reasonable pace, but then the weather itself is rarely inviting to go out on any business anyway. I try to keep up the running nonetheless. Next half marathon in March is the plan for now. We shall see.

And to finish this entry a picture, as proof that I am slowly sorting through my photos...
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Nov. 5th, 2015 @ 07:54 am Oh, why the hell not: OTW Elections

So, OTW elections start tomorrow and because I still haven't finished going through my Australia photos to make a picture post, have some waffling about the elections.

Because I really, really don't want to get the whole thing any more wanky than it already is (we had honest to fuck sockpuppeting during one the chats guys, there are no words to describe the level of WTF) I am just going to tell you a bit about the people I am going to rank on my ballot. This overlaps to some degree with one of the questions asked during the Q&A ("Can you say something positive about three of your fellow candidates?") but I don't care.

So, without further ado, the people I will rank on my ballot:

  • Alex - That's me, so, anything I say is suspect anyway, but I will totally vote for me!
  • Aline - Aline is Brazilian and our concepts of time and punctuality could not be further apart. We can have endless, utterly pointless arguments about those. Or showers. Or what exactly counts as 'cold' weather. It's really fun. No matter how much joking and arguing there is, Aline will always follows through on any job she says she'll take on. She can keep a clear head in any situation and will not let frustration and anger cloud her judgment in any way. In addition to all that, she has a very suspect taste in fic and is one of my favourite sources for badwrong!recs because of that >.>
  • Atiya - She'll always be Lady Oscar to me. She is a fountain of knowledge about the Archive. There's nothing too obscure she doesn't know about. She answers such a massive amount of Support tickets while at the same time manning the testing team nearly on her own, it's unbelievable. She also volunteers at the zoo and likes aardvarks and axolotls!
  • Katarina - Kati is an amazingly prolific podficcer (as tinypinkmouse). How she juggles work on the Translation and Abuse committees with participating in podficcathons I don't know, but she manages and manages brilliantly. She's also Finnish, wonderfully laconic, and always happy to confirm any Scandinavia and the World stereotypes you throw at her. Asking Kati about her puukko or her experiences as a bartender tends to result in very interesting storys.
  • Matty - Matty is amazing, in her calm and laid back way she has managed to give new life to at least two committees in turn. She currently chairs the Abuse committee and while having to deal with the level of spam and trolling must be stressing, you wouldn't know it from talking to her. Composure and practicality are the first two things that come to mind when I think about Matty and she's very likely going to be the candidate I rank as number 1.

There you have it. Now, more wading through pictures. I need a new series to marathon while I do that, I ran out of Person of Interest last week. Any recommendations?

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Oct. 7th, 2015 @ 02:45 pm Itchy Feet
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Current Mood: Wanderlust

So, a post about the OTW elections doesn't seem to be happening. While I enjoy a good wank more than large parts of fandom, this is just too much unfunny-business.
Let's just say, I'm Alex, one of the candidates. I would urge anyone that is eligible to vote to do so, limiting the votes to Aline, Atiya, Kati, Matty and me and ranking us in whatever order they see fit.

On to other topics.
I saw A Walk in the Woods last week (still loving that flatrate cinema ticket, yes). I haven't read many of Bill Bryson's books, and this is among the ones I haven't, and while I'm sure there are many pointed observations and clever insights in the book and the film to some degree, all it made me do was really want to go on a long distance hike.

I'm predisposed to love everything about the idea. I joined the LDWA earlier this year (they are the ramblers' nerdy sibling, basically), after first staring covetously at the long distance hike signs in Australia and then walking bits and pieces of the Thames path again when I got back.

I know it's not sensible to take a couple of months (or years) off work and walk Te Araroa or one of the European Long Distance Trails. But still, I really, really want to.
I have opened all my bookmarks for specific long-distance trails all over the world and will now spend a day or two longingly staring at pictures, packlists and timeframes.

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Sep. 25th, 2015 @ 05:53 pm Everything but the kitchen sink
Current Location: Hertforshire

Back from the US and posting a second entry in a month. The end times might be near.

  • Conference was fun and interesting as always, touristy things have been achieved - I even managed to get a few pictures up on Facebook before they fell victim to the 'need to sort and post-process' urge.
  • Was weirded out like crazy when visiting the Capitol and went up to see Senate in session when they started the session with a nice public prayer. Followed by the pledge of allegiance to freak me out even more.
  • Did some geocaching, Ingressing and LOTS of just general walking. (We shall not talk about the brief moment of near-fainting at the end of a 20k hike in the sun without food or water. Because that never happened.)
  • Avoided the pope expertly and wasn't even inconvenienced by everything shutting down for his visit.
  • Acquired a new phone and am currently enjoying having a mobile made in this decade.
  • Ran the conference fun run 5k. And a Tough Mudder the weekend before. And a trail half in August. I am also signed up for another mudrun in October. And considering another trail half in January. I seem to have settled into this running thing. So weird.
  • Roommate at the conference kept moaning at me about the reasons she quit her job - we used to work for the same company - and it was really hard to keep the sympathetic murmurs up at the appropriate level. All of her reasons are part of why I like this job. Unsocial hours? Unpredictable last minute shifts? 60+ hour weeks? Yes, that's the POINT.

Now I'm back at my computer, on call week for Translation, and answering random questions about the OTW. Because err, yeah, have I mentioned? I signed up as candidate for the coming elections. I might even manage to make a post that focuses mostly on that at some point. Possibly. We'll see.

Have a Tough Mudder pic:

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Sep. 15th, 2015 @ 06:40 pm Twice yearly entries. That's the new goal. At least I have a chance of exceeding that.So, I am writi
So, I am writing this from somewhere above the Atlantic. The future is here and it is freaking weird.

Anyway. I obviously made it back from Australia alive. I haven't even dealt with a third of the 5000 pictures I took there yet. But now on my way for a week's holiday/work conference thingy in Washington. As you do.
What I have been up to in the last half year? The usual, Australia, lots of Translation things, European Conference in Lyon this year, more work than anyone really wants or needs, meeting the usual fandom suspects in Berlin, a trail half marathon, Nine Worlds, a Tough Mudder, lots and lots of walks, failing to update my DW, spending too much time in chat,…

To sum it up: Still alive and kicking. And despite not posting at all still prefering DW over other platforms. Let's see if this in-flight wifi actually works then.

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